Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day .5 - Emily Leaves Me

It's not a catastrophic, or unplanned thing. Emily is traveling with her mother to Spain for the next six weeks walking the El Camino de Santiago. And today she left. Should I record a journal of her time away, I asked myself. At first I thought I'd best record all the things I did around the house so that I could point them out to Emily upon her return. However this felt, not like gloating, but like some other verb I can't think of, where I seek her praise for doing mundane, but helpful things around the house. We've been here for almost 2 months, and we're mostly moved in, but its the little things that make this place unfinished just yet. And when I hang that poster, or finish all the laundry (those wedding-present towels that have gone unwashed for weeks, cluttering our laundry room) or reorganize our living room, I don't need to beg for the praise that I would normally get on an average day for accomplishing these minor chores.

Then I realized that I have a blog. A "web-log", if you will, where I can record my inner-most thoughts and feelings, and perhaps record the mundane mundanicities (trademark), that comprise daily life. And what daily life isn't more interesting than mine? Especially now, being a rediscovered bachelor in the greatest of suburbs of Oregon's greatest 3rd largest city.

Today, is just another one of the greatest days that this temporary bachelor could ever experience: Enjoy:

1) I worked at the credit union. Whoo! What more can be said? Get this, today I recommended reformating one of the forms that we find ourselves using on a weekly basis (thats not that often for us). The form we use now, is a scanned-in facsimile of an original that was copied some time in the mid-90's. And those bastards scanned it in crooked. This is a form freely available on our website, that we ask our member's to use. WTF?! We can't do better than this, I asked? So my "boss" (he heads my department, but he don't own me!), and I start a race to see who can remake this form (he in Microsoft Word, me in Excel) the fastest and the best. Mine was better if I may say, but he was faster, and it was damn close. We completed the form, and though we can't remove the link from our official website, this is the good one we'll send out in the future. What an exciting day?

2) Angels vs Mariners. The game (the 2nd of 3) didn't end up the way it should have considering the Mariners scored 5 in the first but couldn't hold the lead. However, the point I wanted to make, is that as a baseball fan who will never sit in the first couple of rows, I love it when a player fouls a ball straight back at the stands. The ball is inexorably deflected by the backstop, saving the fans who are sitting in that section. However these fans flinch as though they must protect themselves from a certain death. I probably would react the same, but since I'll never have the good fortunre to sit in such good seats, I can laugh at these over-reacting fools all I want.

3) Fresh Prince. Nick at Night has had the Fresh Prince on for some time now. It takes me back to my childhood. This is a good thing. Similarly, all the episodes they play are all the classics. The one where Will and that girl get trapped in the basement after the earthquake, or where Will has to take some children music ourse to graduate from highschool and he's dressed up in a flower outfit at the end, or the one where Will and Carlton get in a car accident and fall down a frozen embankment anhe yells (a la Cab Calloway 'Heide-Heide-Heide Fleiss!') I think to myself that they are only playing the great episodes, but then I realize that a lot of the episodes are great. Let us all give thanks to Quincy for finding Will Smith and making what was truly a great show with one of the top five theme songs of all time.

That is about all I have that is worthy of noting today. I'lll try to be better about posting. Now that Emily is not here, I won't have much else to do. Yay?

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