Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pert Plus: Fresh ... Freshens My Ass

I don't think that sentence was constructed as carefully as it could have been.

I bought myself a smaller bottle of shampoo that accompanied me on the honeymoon in Hawaii since I didn't want to bring the larger bottle I had, as it would have taken up too much space, and frankly, was almost empty anyway. Unfortunately, the bottle I bought was not the regular Pert Plus that I'm accustomed to. It was a botltle of "Pert Plus: Fresh". And a greater sham of marketing has never been perpetrated in the hair care market.

As near as I can tell, the only difference between the original formula, my bread and butter shampoo, and the "Fresh" version, is that "Fresh" includes a chemical that causes a little tingle. This is hardly akin to "freshness". Maybe ability to clean hair is more important to "freshness", but what do I know? However I feel this tingle only on my forehead. And this is of some concern to me. Why only on my forehead? The shampoo, in the normal course of its work, finds it's way onto the back of my neck, and the tips of my ears, and so forth. I should be feeling this there too. What magic chemical have they produced that targets, and tingles a 2" by 5" section of skin on one part of the body while causing zero effect on the rest?

I won't go much further. In fact in the future, I'll stay away from posts that feature me in the shower. But this just doesn't seem right. It doesn't freshen anything, it just makes my forehead tingle. I can't wait until that bottle is gone.

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